User Safety Guidelines

Here are things to remember to help keep your Record eBook fun – and to be share aware:

  • Think before you publish anything

Avoid posting too much personal information (e.g. names, contact details, phone numbers, passwords etc). Don't share passwords with people you don’t trust.
What images and photos might be OK to share?  What might not be?
Consider your own organisational guidance available to you, or visit
Consider others. You might think it’s endearing or funny to share pictures or comments about someone else, but would they?

  • Understand how your published content could be used

You have a right to know that any Record eBook content could be used by the John Muir Trust and our key partners to promote the John Muir Award.
Published content will be available to anyone searching the Record eBook website, and could be shared in ways out of our control.

  • What to do if things go wrong

You have the right to remove any content you’ve added. You also have the right to report any content added by others by using the content report function.
The John Muir Trust has the right to remove or edit any published content that it sees as inappropriate – in accordance to the John Muir Trust policies on digital content and moderation of content.

NSPCC Net Aware has a safety helpline that offers advice on any concerns you have around publishing content on-line. 0808 8005002